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Bridging the Gap CDC, in partnership with Orange Cross Roads Missionary Baptist Church (OCRMBC), ministered to the Seniors at Alamance Health Care Center. The musical concert was given by the OCRMBC Insperational Chior. Also, in attantance was the OCRMBC Missionary Department.




Bridging the Gap CDC and Orange Cross Roads Church are partnering with the Healthy Carolinians of Orange County in providing a Focus Group with the Seniors of Northern Orange County. The objective of this group is to discuss the accessibility of medical services to seniors in the northern part of the county. 

Ashley Mercer of the Healthy Carolinians of Orange County is facilitateing the Group


Senior Buddy Program


Senior Buddy Program


This program will coordinate a series of classes and seminars for older adults who live independently. With help from local professionals the program will address issues people face as part of the aging process.


Topics will include but not limited to:


1. Making Healthy Food Choices                      2.  Managing Chronic Diseases                 3. Preventing In-home                                                                                                                                                          Falls


4. Medicare and Part-D Updates                     5.  Annual Medication Review                    6. Legal Aid


7. Individual Counseling                                   8. Blood-Pressure Screenings                   9. Meals On Wheels and referrals 


Healthy Living for Seniors will provide a holistic approach to healthy aging. Staying active and being social are crucial to aging well. Exercise programs will be offered 3 times a week with someone who understands and is familiar with the abilities and constraints of seniors. Other activities will be offered 4 times a week on a rotating basis: Arts and Crafts, Bingo, Book Club, Cooking Classes, Quilt Making, Literacy Tutoring, Outings, Parties and Socials, Walking Groups, etc.

Our Motto:

“Life is a gift. Aging is a privilege”

Sylvia Harlem

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